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Diesel to Solar – Motives and Means – Free Whitepaper



Diesel to Solar - Motives and MeansDiesel generators have been a widely used solution for the power deficit in India, with an estimated 13.5 GW of installed captive power plant capacity. The ever increasing cost of diesel fuel, the phasing out of diesel subsidy, and environmental impact from diesel exhaust has caused heavy diesel consumers to explore renewable energy, particularly solar PV, as a substitute for diesel.

This whitepaper explores substituting diesel with solar, analysing the challenges in implementing such a solution as well as the returns possible.


Within this whitepaper you will find detailed discussions on

  • Components of a PV plant – Modules, mounting structures, inverters, charge controllers, batteries
  • Plant configurations Standalone, grid-tied, hybrid, with and without batteries
  • Issues with solar-diesel integration Power quality, reverse current, genset loading and efficiency
  • Favourable policies JNNSM, State policies, Accelerated depreciation, RECs
  • Economics of Solar PV Cost breakup, financial returns
  • Alternative models BOO(T)

In addition the whitepaper elaborates on

  • Characteristics of diesel power vs. solar power
  • Prominent solar-diesel installations

The Whitepaper can be downloaded here: Diesel to Solar – Motives and Means

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