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EAI Renewable Energy Vendor Finder

Identify the right vendors for Renewable Energy – through EAI

EAI’s Renewable Energy Vendor Finder is a customized B2B vendor identification platform for Indian businesses keen on identifying reliable equipment suppliers or solution vendors for Renewable & Sustainable Energy.

What do we offer?

For companies seeking technology, equipment or turnkey solution vendors or solution providers in the Indian Renewable Energy space, EAI uses its decade long expertise and country-wide network to provide specialized assistance.

Within Renewable Energy, our team can find effective vendors & solution providers for the following sub-segments:

  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Power
  • Bio-energy (including biofuels)
  • Waste to Energy
  • Small Hydro Power

Specifically, our team can assist in identifying the following types of vendors:

Solution providers

We can assist Indian companies keen in identifying innovative technology providers in Renewable & Sustainable Energy domains from India, or should it be necessary, outside India.

Equipment providers

If you are looking for the most suitable equipment or machinery in Renewable Energy, our team can be of help. We work with a wide range of equipment vendors across the entire country who specialize in equipment and machinery for Renewable & Sustainable Energy domains.

Technical consultants

Should you be looking for specialized technical consultants in designing or implementing solutions in Renewable Energy, our team, with its excellent understanding of the Renewable Energy domain and its active network on experts, can help you identify one.

Why is EAI’s Renewable Energy Vendor Finder unique?

The furious growth in the Renewable Energy markets is resulting significant investments in plants & facilities. These investments into facilities necessitate identification of high quality, reliable vendors who can get the job done. Owing to the nascent state of the industry however, finding such reliable vendors has never been easy for investors.

And there was no dedicated platform for vendor identification for the Indian Renewable Energy sector. Until EAI launched the Renewable Energy Vendor Finder platform.

EAI’s unique depth of knowledge about, and breadth of contacts in, India’s Renewable & Sustainable Energy sectors has been built over 10 years – from the time EAI was started in 2008 as the first boutique Indian management consulting firm for cleantech. Our work in Renewable & Sustainable Energy has resulted in industry research leadership and more importantly, a vast network of professional and industry contacts across the sustainability sector and across the entire country.

In addition, our web resource ( www.eai.in ) is one of the most visited web sites for the Indian clean energy and environment sectors, and this further increases our reach and network across geography and industry.

What are the sub-sectors for which Renewable Energy Vendor Finder offers its solutions?

Within Renewable Energy, our team can assist you in finding technology, equipment and solution vendors for the following sub-sectors:

  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Power
  • Bio-energy (including biofuels)
  • Waste to Energy
  • Small Hydro Power

How does the Renewable Energy Vendor Finder program work?

EAI’s Renewable Energy Vendor Finder is a curated platform, with a dedicated workforce from EAI providing high-quality vendor identification for our clients.

The service comprises two stages:

1.Identification and shortlisting of vendors

This part of the work will be predominantly done by the EAI’s team of consultants and analysts. This stage typically starts with a long list of vendor prospects using our network, and arrives at an effective shortlist after detailed evaluation and due diligence.

2.Coordinating interactions between prospective vendors and clients

This stage will mainly involve interactions between clients and the shortlisted vendor prospects, with EAI playing an enabling role.

What are the commercials for the Renewable Energy Vendor Finder program?

The commercials for EAI’s Renewable Energy Vendor Finder works on a predominantly success fee model, with a small fixed fee component. Details of these are worked out on a case to case basis.


Interested in utilizing the services of EAI’s Renewable Energy Vendor Finder for quickly identifying reliable equipment vendors or technology solution providers?

Talk to us: Send us an email to vf@eai.in with brief details of your sector and requirements. We will get in touch with you soon.

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