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Electric Cars to Reach Price Parity by 2025

Automakers planning to sell electric cars between now and 2020 will struggle to make a profit, as electric vehicles will cost up to a quarter more to manufacture than equivalent combustion vehicles, according to the latest analysis from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. This puts automakers in a difficult… read more →

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IEEFA report: NTPC plays central role in India’s energy transition

Formerly known as National Thermal Power Corporation, the Indian state utility NTPC is now showing itself to be the principal supporter of the government’s green energy push. According to a report by the Institute or Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), NTPC has turned into India’s prime… read more →

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States may auction under-construction wind power projects, further lowering tariffs

The disruption caused by India’s low clean energy tariffs is playing out, with rating agency Crisil cautioning that the risk profile of wind projects will increase. In a report, Crisil said that under-construction projects, as part of the feed-in tariff (FiT) regime, may be put up for auction by the… read more →

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India Cancels Mega Plans To Build Coal Power Stations Due To Falling Solar Energy Prices

The huge plummet in prices of solar energy in India has helped leaders to walk away from its plans of building nearly 14 gigawatts of coal-fired power stations. Analyst Tim Buckley said this shift will have “profound” ramifications for global energy markets. read more →

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Solar’s share of India electricity output grew 81% in last fiscal year

The rapid rise of India’s solar capacity is usually measured in hard gigawatts, but data from the country’s Central Electricity Authority (CEA) has revealed just how much of an impact solar has had on India’s electricity generation capacity in the last fiscal year (FY). According to the CEA data,… read more →

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Solar power equipment, parts to attract 5% tax under GST regime

India will levy a 5 percent tax on all equipment required for generating solar power compared with nil duty now, a government official clarified, putting an end to confusion about the new taxation policy for the industry after its landmark tax reform. A flat 5 percent tax on all solar power equipment… read more →

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Trump promises climate decision next week after G7 stalemate

Donald Trump said he would decide next week whether the United States would abide by the 2015 Paris agreement on cutting global carbon emissions. His announcement came as a summit of G7 leaders in Sicily wrapped up in deadlock on the issue, with US partners voicing frustration at the president's failure… read more →

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DNV GL launches on-demand online solar and wind forecasting tool

Integrating large volumes of solar and wind into electricity grids designed to distribute electricity from conventional power plants requires a number of adaptations. Perhaps the most essential among these is the utilization of forecasting technology to be able to predict just how much electricity such… read more →

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Work begins on risk mitigation mechanism for solar

A task force has been set up to define and structure a Common Risk Mitigation Mechanism (CRMM) for solar projects in solar-rich countries in order to “dramatically” reduce financing costs. The Indian government said that the study has been commissioned with the support of Argentina, France, India,… read more →

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Elon Musk finds no 'ecosystem' for manufacturing Tesla cars in India

Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, on Monday unwittingly agonised many prospective Indian buyers of Model 3 when he indicated his firm may have to put on hold its launch plans in the Indian market due to the absence of an ecosystem for the supply of electric vehicle components. Responding to a query from… read more →

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