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India Solar PV Module Manufacturing – A Strategic Report

Are You a Planning to Set Up a Module Manufacturing Unit?

Use Solar Mango’s India Solar PV Module Manufacturing Report to benefit from our specialized expertise in the solar module sector.

Capitalize on Government’s Pro-Solar Manufacturing Policies

The Modi Government at the Centre is providing an enormous impetus on ‘Make in India’ for Solar and has also set a super-ambitious target of 100 GW of Solar by 2022. The ministry is even considering to provide direct subsidies to Solar Panel manufacturers to encourage growth. Given all this huge thrust, Indian businesses are having the most attractive opportunity in Solar, now.

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india-solar-pv-module-manufacturingIndia today has an installed domestic module manufacturing capacity of about 4300 MW. Of this, India’s top tier module manufacturing companies contribute about 40% of the overall capacity. Considering the positive sentiment for setting up module manufacturing units in India, Solar Mango estimates that 800 MW of module capacity will be added in 2016-17.

Given these market conditions, it is important for the client to evaluate the expected growth, demand and market potential of solar modules before testing the waters.

Solar Mango, armed with the experience gained from assisting corporates diversifying into the module manufacturing vertical has collected some rare insights in the solar module manufacturing sector in India. This comprehensive expert report and guide will be invaluable for those keen on setting up a module manufacturing unit.

Solar Mango’s Solar Module Manufacturing Report, in addition to providing detailed inputs on the business and revenue models and key market segments, gives valuable insights on key sales strategies, competitors Analysis and Go-to-market strategies.

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Some of the key topics covered in the report are:

Market Potential Analysis

Demand Supply Analysis

  • Current Demand
  • Future Demand
  • Estimates of total market potential for solar module manufacturers
  • Domestic module manufacturing scenario currently

Solar Industry Trends

  • Global price trends along the solar PV manufacturing value chain
  • Import & Export trends for solar modules in India
  • Competition with Chinese module makers

Regulatory Assessment

  • Solar Mango will provide an understanding of what are the policies and regulatory barriers that one needs to be aware of-before entering module manufacturing
  • Role of DCR (Domestic Content Requirement) in the success of module business in India

Technology Assessment

During the decision time, the equipment supplier who is entrusted the task of turnkey implementation of the plant will analyze and design the project in close contact with the customer, listening to all specific needs in order to optimize production flow of the photovoltaic modules.

Solar Mango can provide details and specifications of equipments used in a state-of-the art module manufacturing line as well as key insights on module equipment selection.

Technology Evaluation of a PV Module Line

  • Semi-automated v/s fully-automated manufacturing line
  • Specifics of machines and equipments used in a module facility
  • Type of Equipment suppliers
    • Chinese v/s European equipments
  • Technology advancements
  • Testing & Certification of modules

Techno-Commercial Feasibility Analysis

Solar Mango can provide a comprehensive study of the cost structures and expected returns from a module plant.

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 Cost of setting up a module plant

  • Capital costs
    • Break-up of capital costs
  • Operating costs
    • Break-up of operating costs
  • Other expenses

Expected returns from setting up a module plant

  • Simulated returns under multiple scenarios, based on various dimensions
  • Price of modules
  • Capacity utilization
  • Cash flow statements for the various scenarios simulated above
  • Payback periods plus return on investments

As one of the few companies in India who has undertaken strategic and techno-economic feasibility studies for every component of the solar PV business value chain, this report from Solar Mango will be an invaluable partner and guide for you in your exploration into the solar PV module manufacturing.

To know more on how Solar Mango can help your organization explore business opportunities in the solar PV manufacturing space,
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India Solar Module Manufacturing Report – Table of Contents

  1. Indian Solar PV Industry Status and Current Trends
    1. Introduction
    2. Solar Photovoltaics
    3. Current Solar Photovoltaic Market Scenario
    4. Demand and Supply of Modules
    5. Solar Modules in India- Industry Trends
    6. Major Module Manufacturers
    7. Drivers and Barriers for Solar PV Module Investments
  2. Basics of Modules – Technology Involved
    1. Introduction
    2. Modules
      1. Technology Options – Crystalline Silicon vs. Thin Film
      2. Crystalline Module Making
    3. Machines and Equipments
    4. Conditions of Sale
    5. Testing and Certification of Modules
    6. Recent Technology Developments
  3. Investment and Returns
    1. Capital Costs for a Turnkey Module Assembly Line
    2. Cost of Equipment
    3. Chinese versus European Equipment
    4. Cost of Production
    5. Returns – Cash flow, IRR, Payback Period
    6. Government Incentives to Support Solar PV Manufacturing
  4. Risks and Mitigation
    1. Introduction
    2. Project Completion Risk
    3. Country and Financial Risks
    4. Operational Risks
    5. Market Risks
    6. Raw Material Risks
  5. Next Steps
    1. Introduction
    2. Preparation of Prefeasibility Study
    3. Preparation of Detailed Project Report
    4. Technology Partner
    5. Selection of Raw Material Suppliers and Entering into Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Them
    6. Achieving Financial Closure of the Project
    7. Implementation of the Project
    8. Module Testing and Certification
    9. Contacting Government Officials

List of Solar PV Module Manufacturers – India
List of Solar PV Cell Manufacturers – India                                                                                                                                   List of Solar PV Cell Manufacturers – Global
List of EVA/Back sheet/ Front sheet/ PET/ TPT/TPE/PVB & TCO Manufacturers – Global
List of Manufacturers of Connectors – Global
List of Ribbon Manufacturers – Global
List of Manufacturers of Cables – Global
List of Frame Manufacturers – Global
List of Glass Manufacturers – Global
List of Junction Box Manufacturers – Global                                                                                                           ANNEXURE – IX
List of Turnkey PV Module Line Suppliers                                                                                                               ANNEXURE – X
Sample Quotes of Equipments


Our Clients and Customers

EAIs research has been bought by prestigious companies from India and worldwide. Customers for our research services include:

    Top Consulting Firms

  • A.T. Kearney, Germany
  • Boston Consulting Group, Germany
  • Accenture, India
  • Mott MacDonald

    Fortune 500 Companies

  • Exxon Mobil, USA
  • Lafarge, France
  • Total, France
  • Reliance Industries Limited, India
  • Emerson Electric
  • Shell, Netherlands
  • Marubeni, Japan
  • Mitsubishi, Japan


  • Saudi Aramco
  • iPLON GmbH, Germany
  • Association of Biotechnology Lead Enterprises

  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA

  • US Army Indian Railways
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

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EAI was formed by a team of renewable energy professionals from prestigious institutes such as the IITs and IIMs having over 15 years experience in sales & marketing, and is based in Chennai, India. They are supported by a strong research team this combination enables us to view a situation holistically, and come out with practical solutions.

Our acquaintance with the Indian renewable energy industry, along with our deep understanding of the technology, industry dynamics and emerging trends in renewable energy sources worldwide, make EAI the most effective partner for those keen on getting an exceptional understanding of the Indian renewable energy industry, along its entire business value chain.

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The EAI Expertise

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The EAI team would like to talk to you to understand how we can help you in your Solar PV Module efforts. If you are interested in purchasing the report or getting our help, talk to us now.

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