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Government Support for Industrial Waste to Energy Projects

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Central Financial Assistance (CFA)

Central Financial Assistance to different categories of projects would be given in the form of capital subsidy to the promoters and in the form of Grants-in-Aid for other activities, as given below.

Capital subsidy to the promoters

Wastes / Processes / Technologies

Capital Subsidy

Industrial waste to Biogas


i)        Biomethanation of low energy density and difficult industrial wastes

(i.e. dairy, tannery, slaughter house, sugar (liquid), bagasse wash, textile (liquid), paper (liquid) and pharmaceutical industry).

Rs. 1.0 crore / MWeq. (12000 Cu.m. biogas per day)



ii)      Biomethanation of other industrial wastes.

Rs. 0.50 crore/ MWeq. (12000 Cu.m. biogas per day)

Power Generation from Biogas


i)        Boiler + Steam Turbine Configuration

Rs. 0.20 crore / MW

ii)      Biogas Engine / Turbine Configuration

Rs. 1.00 crore / MW

Power Generation from  Solid Industrial Waste (Boiler + Steam Turbine Configuration)

Rs. 0.20 crore/MW

Source: MNRE

Incentives to State Nodal Agencies

State Nodal Agencies would be provided an incentive / service charge @ 1% of MNRE subsidy restricted to Rs. 5.00 lakh per project, in order to facilitate development of projects and their monitoring   during implementation / post commissioning.

Financial assistance for promotional activities 

Financial assistance would be provided for organizing training courses, business meets, seminars / workshops, and publicity / awareness on case-to-case basis, subject to a maximum of Rs. 3.0 lakhs per event /activity.

Financial support to R&D projects

Financial support would be provided to R&D and Applied R&D projects including studies on resource assessment, technology upgradation, performance evaluation, etc. to institutions / industries.  This will be governed by the procedures / guidelines being issued by the R&D Division of MNRE separately.

Financial support for preparation of DPR

50% of the cost of DPR preparation, limited to Rs. 1.00 lakh/project, will be reimbursed to the promoters at the time of sanction of project.


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