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Cleantech Industry

Cleantech, standing for clean technologies, is perhaps the most important industry in the world today, and yet few people have heard about the term.

Cleantech is an umbrella term referring to green and clean technologies. The sector includes clean energy and clean environment sectors such as solar, wind, biofuels, green chemicals, and more. The development of clean technology is touted as one of the most effective ways to tackle climate change and other environmental issues.

Cleantech reduces emissions, optimizes the consumption of natural resources and results in a cleaner, safer and more sustainable environment. Today we see global investments in clean technology based products and solutions continue to grow. An enabling regulatory and technology environment along with decreasing costs have been the key drivers for attracting major investments in this sector.

A large no. of companies, in a wide variety of industries, deliver cleantech products or solutions as at least a part of their total offerings today, but the actual revenues and red flags in each of the offerings is difficult to be ascertained by a layman. One needs to deep dive into the domain pertaining to the solution or product and do a fact-check on returns and costs before final investment decisions are made.


If you are an investor or a key stakeholder keen on getting an expert market and feasibility study done for specific cleantech areas, whom can you approach?

This is where EAI’s Market Research Assistance on Cleantech comes in.

So, if you are looking to outsource customized research on Cleantech,

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Clean Energy and Cleantech Domains We Can Provide Market Research Assistance in


Who will Benefit from Our Market Research?

EAI can provide custom research on Cleantech for the following stakeholders:


Through our custom research on Cleantech, we can provide information that include:

  • Prefeasibility studies (technical and financial pre-feasibility) that can aid primary decision making for investors
  • Government mandates and regulatory frameworks
  • Current and emerging research trends in specific products/solutions

Specifically, our custom research can cover the following dimensions:

Why EAI for Market Research?

How many firms can claim they have provided strategic assistance for multiple clients in the clean energy domain for almost a decade?

EAI is one of the very few in the world!

EAI is your ideal partner for market research on cleantech because:

So, if you are looking to outsource customized research on Cleantech,

talk to EAI at or Call Ramya @ 9489339903


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So, if you are looking to outsource customized research on Cleantech, you should be talking to us.

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