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The Solar value chain can be identified by various processes involved in the transformation of sand to power: obtaining polysilicon from sand, crystal-growing ingots from seed-crystal and then slicing them to obtain wafers, manufacturing cells then modules and finally integrating with the product. Companies play significant role all along this value chain. Apart from these there are underlying role players like financing, micro-financing agencies, policy supporting- government agencies and real estate business that bring the whole plan to reality. Some top companies renowned in each market segment are detailed below in the table. Market Segments represented in same colour are grouped under categories mentioned below:

   Manufacturing of Core Products    Manufacturing of Machinery
   Manufacturing of Balance of System    Manufacturing of Subcomponents
   Manufacturing of Products    Implementation Support


Market Segment    Indian Companies   Global Companies 
Polysilicon     Nil  Hemlock, OCI,  Wacker Chemie Tokuyama, REC (Subsidiary SGS & ASIMI) and MEMC
Ingot & Wafer     Nil  Shin-Etsu, Sumco, Siltronic, MEMC, LG Siltron, GCL, LDK Solar, Renesola
Crystalline Cell    Nil  Q-Cells, Trina solar, Yingli, Suntech, Jinko, SHARP
CPV    Nil  Amonix, SolFocu, GreenVolts, Concentrix Solar
Crystalline Modules    BHEL, UPV solar, Gemini Solar, Divine Energy, Akshaya Solar, CEL, BEL, REIL, Websol, IndoSolar  Q-Cells, Sharp, Suntech Power, Motech, Suntech, Yingli, Green Energy
Thin Film Modules    HHV Solar, Sova Power, Sunergy India, Sungen Solar, Alpex Solar, KSK Surya, Moser Baer, Novergy, Titan, BHEL, Tata BP Solar, CEL  Saint Gobain, Ascent Solar, TSMC, Honda, GE, Trony Solar, Kaneka, Chint, Trina Solar, Canadian Solar, Jinko Solar, Solarworld, Sharp
Stand-alone Systems     Chrisam, PowerMax, VikramSolar, MoserBaer  SMA,Power-One, Schnieder, ABB, Delta Electronics, Sputnik Engg, Satcon
Battery Storage Systems     Aegan Batteries, Kevin Power, Yash Industries, Powertek Solutions, KB electronics, General Electronics Battery  Luminous,GKAR, Hond-I, SANYO, Suntrix, Sierra, Optical Power Solutions, Kaco, Schneider, Siemens
Tracking Systems     VRG energy, VolovoxEnergy, Aquarius International, Daksha, Ecologic, Energycon, Samrat, Sharda  Zomeworks, Array Technologies, Opel Solar,Titan Trackers,Sahaj Solar, Turquiose Sunlabs,
Power System Equipments     ZenithMachinery, Power Electronic,BGR Energy, BHEL, Damodar Valley Corporation  Siemens,Areva,Hitachi,ABB,Alstom,Crompton Greaves, BHEL, Kirloskar, Havell, L&T
Lighting Solutions     TataBPSolar, Unique Solar, Tilak International, Saur Urja Solutions, Himarut Energies  SEPCO, D.Light, SunSolar, sunlite, MeyerIndustryGmBh and many others
Water Pumps     TataBP Solar, Aspes, Backwoods, Premier Solar, Vimal Electronics, M.Laxman&Co, Jain Irrigation, CTRADE, NEDA, MolaSolar  MolaSolar,FoshanSolar, SnowMary Aus, Susneap,  Conergy, LaGajjar, Waterman, Kaiquan Pump, Sep Pump
Space/Air Heating     Bajaj-SunSokoSOlar, Alpha Technics, Elan Greentech, Emmvee Solar  ATR Solar, Inter Solar, Planters Energy Network, Conserval Engg, CanSolaire, AmericanSolar, Matrix Energie, Filtemic
Solar Cookers     GadhiaSolar,TinytechPlants,EcoSolar,Dhara Engg, Solar Termal Appliances, Ankush Solar, Usha Engg, Kalisons  Solar Cookers International, Egsolar, Roland Baumann
Telecommunication Power Solutions      BTS solar Hybrid System, Passion New Energy, Top Sun energy, Vihaan Networks Limited. (Non-Solar: Bharti Infratel, Reliance Infratel, GTL, TVS interconnect, Xcel Telecom
Water Heating     India Solar Solutions, Jay Metals, Sunzone Solar, Tata BP solar, Mhalsa overseas ,Energy Options, Kamal Solar  RenewableEnergySystems, Sunrise Solar, FoleyMechanical, Sunrain, Solar Flair
BIPV Systems     Antek Solar, CP solar, Eco Solergy, Pevafersa America, Solar Sentinel, Conergy, Intersol, Renusol GmBh, Sharp  TataBPsolar,SunTechnics,MoserBaer,SunRaySolar,DPHpower,Synergic, TopSun
Ingot & Wafer Machinery  Nil  Elkem, MEMC Electronic Materials, Okmetic, PV Crystalox Solar, ShinEtsu Chemical, Siltronic, LDKsolar, Renesola, Renewable Energy Corporation, M.Satek, Tokuyama, Topsil
Cell Machinery    Sahajanand Laser Technology, Twincity Sun life, Unitech Energy, Topsun Energy  ULVAC Technologies Inc., SunTEC, TechPLUS Precision Machinery, JVG thoma GmbH. Spire Solar
Crystalline Module Machinery    UPV Solar, JJPVsolar, UniqueSolar.  Baixinn Machinery, KUKA Systems, 3Sswiss solar, UPL Photovoltaics, Oerlikon, KomaxHolding
Thin Film Machinery    HHV Solar, KSK surya Photovoltaic venture.  ULVAC Technologies Inc., Spire Solar, Photovoltaic Equipment Assocation, Siliken USA, Applied Materials, Komax Holding, Ample sun Solar, Solar Thin Film Inc.
Power Semiconductor Devices     Element14India,MaxGtech,Rscomponents, RudhradhyaOverseas, Crown Electronics  Advanced Energy Industries, Schneider Electric, Sylvania, Motorola, Texas Instruments, Analog Devices
Inverter Subcomponents     Luminious India, UPS inverter, Sukam Power, Prime Industrial Components, Prolific Engineers, Pranava Lab Solutions  Latronics, Fronius, siemens, SolarFabric, Aara Power, Kevin Power, Santerno, Mitsubishi, Atersa, Motech,ApolloSolar
Control & Monitoring     TagFactory, Mantratec, Binary Semantics, Symatech, Omega Cube Techsystem, Pentagramms India Software Solutions  Alien,Confidex,Impinj,Intermec, Invengo,MetalCraft,Motorola, Omni-ID, UPM-RFID, Wavetrend,Zebra
EPC     BHEL,  L&T, Numeric Power Systems, Photon Energy Systems Limited, Punj Lloyd, Reliance Solar,  Solar Semiconductor, Tata BP Solar, Titan Energy Systems (TITAN), Vimal Electronics.  Enfinity, Juwi Solaar, Sharp (Recurrent Energy), ICE Solar,  Moser Baer, Topsun Energy Ltd
Civil Constructions    Azure power, BHEL, CE, Orb Energy, KCP, Lanco, Mahindra, Sahaj Solar, Kotak, SELCO


List of companies empanelled under capital subsidy-cum-refinance scheme is available in this link. List of companies under Solar Energy Sector are also listed in EAI Directory.



The amount of solar energy produced in India is less than 1% of the total energy demand. The grid-interactive solar power as of December 2010 was merely 10 MW. India stands first with US in terms of solar energy production per watt installed. The PV module production capacity has crossed more than 1 Gigawatt (GW) per year or nearly 10% of the global production capacity. All these milestones in sunny-bright future of India owe the huge number of projects coming up in the country. Apart from central government’s initiatives, several State governments are coming up with their separate Solar Energy policy that is pumping more projects. Foreign investments are also pouring into the India Solar market. Some projects financed by ExIm bank are 5MW plants by Azure Power,Punj Lloyd and Tatith Energies; 15MW by ACME Solar, 10MW by Dalmia Solar and 40MW by Dhanau Solar (Reliance Power). Some major MW sized solar projects in India are available here.

NVVN Projects

Total capacity of 140MW was allotted by NVVN through competitive bidding process and few companies succeeded to achieve financial closure. A total of 140MW was allotted under solar Photovoltaic Technology and 470MW under Solar Thermal Technology. Projects that were shortlisted under Batch-1 can be found here. Projects that were shortlisted under Phase 1, Batch -2 are available here.

RPSSGP Projects

Under Rooftop & Small Solar Power Generation Programme (RPSSGP), the government is giving thrust to distribution network at voltage levels below 33 with proposed capacity of 100MW. For this, project capacity of 100kW to 2MW are allowed at HT distribution network with total capacity limit of 90MW. The remaining 10MW is proposed to be installed with projects connected at LT level distribution network, each with than 100kW capacity. A detailed list of projects under RPSSGP scheme is available here.

Projects under Gujarat Solar Policy

Gujarat and its western-most parts receive highest solar irradiation in the country. Realizing this, Gujarat introduced its dedicated Solar policy in 2009 that is intended to be implemented in phases through operating period upto 2014. By allotting 716 MW of Solar Power capacity to 34 national and international project developers against the 500 MW capacity declared earlier, Gujarat has created milestone by attracting high domestic and foreign investments. Of the 716 MW alloted, the share of Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal technology is 365 MW and 351 MW respectively. In some recent developments, some Solar Thermal projects have migrated to Solar PV Technology projects. List of projects under Gujarat’s solar policy is given here. More details on solar opportunities in Gujarat is given in EAI Blogs here.

Projects under Rajasthan Solar Policy

Rajasthan has claimed to have solar potential of about 1500 MW. Thar desert alone has potential of 700MW. That is why, the state is witnessing such a huge number of projects, be it under central government or state government schemes. Several other opportunities in Rajasthan are given here. Rajasthan has witnessed many projects under various schemes like

Till now a total of 38.5MW projects have been commissioned in Rajasthan under various schemes.

Projects under Karnataka Solar Policy

Under Karnataka Renewable Energy Policy, Karnataka has a target for achieving 126MW of solar power up to 2013-2014. The policy came in to effect from 1.06.2011 and shall remain in force up to 31.3.2016. It is proposed to install 200MW by 2015-16 (in addition to the allotment under JNNSM), for the purpose of procurement by the Electricity Supply Companies. The annual capacity approved will be 40MW per year. The minimum capacity of single solar power generating unit shall be 5MW each and maximum unit shall be 10MW both in respect of solar PV and solar thermal. Three projects of 3MW capacity each have been commissioned and 5MW allotted by Karnataka government to KPCL. Details of other grid-connected projects are given here and off-grid projects can be viewed here. More details on Karnataka’s solar Opportunities are given in EAI Blogs here.

Tamilnadu Solar Projects

Tamilnadu, as of now, has no separate solar policy but the state which is already pioneering in Wind Power installations is also developing in Solar technology. A total of 70 Solar Power Plant Project Developers have already expressed interest in setting up a solar PV technology plant in the state. List of those can be found here. More details on solar technology and business developments in Tamilnadu can be viewed in EAI user's blogs


 Case Studies

Azure Power: 2MW grid connected Solar Power Plant
  • Azure power has received venture capital funding to the extent of Rs. 60 crores
  • The time taken from construction stage to the commissioning stage was six months
  • The PV modules were imported from China as they were cost effective when compared to solar PV modules in India
  • Obtaining the necessary clearances from various government bodies proved to be a major hurdle to the project. A total of 152 signatures were required from the local bureaucrats for the project.
  • Acquiring the land for the project proved to be difficult since Azure Power had to negotiate terms of a 32 year land lease with the various villages and district officials, then with several more officials in the state’s rural land ministry. As the land approvals took time, the price of the land kept going up.


Development Alternatives Group: Off-grid Community Solar Power Plant

  • Rampura, a small village in Uttar Pradesh, comprising 69 households (among which 19 are BPL) was adopted by Development Alternatives Group along with Scatec Solar as a pilot project that was commissioned for Rs.30 Lakhs.
  • Under, Build-Own-Operate-Transfer model, 8.7kW plant was commissioned with 24V, 2500A battery, 5kW inverter and 9kW inverter charge controller feeding into mini-grid single phase 220V AC. The plant generates 950kW energy per month and average consumption of 840 units.
  • INR.500 was collected from each individual interested in getting a connection from the solar power plant as security deposit. A fixed charge towards replacement of batteries and variable cost to meet daily operational and maintenance costs are collected from end users.