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Large Industrial Facilities that use Captive Solar Power

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Large industrial facilities have set up captive power generation (conventional) to mitigate the effect of frequent shortages of electricity from the national grid. 70% of electricity generated under captive power in the case of wind power was set up by large industrial facilities.

Industries that can set up captive power are: 

  • Textiles
  • Cement
  • Chemical
  • Iron & Steel
  • Light Engineering
  • Ceramic industry
  • Paper
  • Sugar industry
  • Dairy

Except for most of the textile industry, all other industries have set up fossil fuel based captive power plants. Wind based captive power plants have been set up by the textile sectors.

As a majority of the Indian industries are located at dry & hot areas with huge space, solar based captive power plants can be set up by the facilities which will be more profitable. Solar energy can be used for preheating boiler feed water in many plants. Industries can also use captive power plants on rooftops or in parks or other open spaces to meet factories’ lighting loads and pumping water requirements.

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