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In Eastern India, the Coastal Energy Limited (CEL) has announced the production of bio-diesel at its Falta SEZ plant. Ashok Kumar Bajoria, Chairman-cum-Managing Director, CEL, said the company will market the product initially in Eastern Indian states only in collaboration with PSUs. A fully automated plant, located at Falta Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Kolkata, produces energy solutions with a capacity of 2,40,000 litres per day. The requisite machineries of the plant were supplied by Lurgi AG of Germany, the world leader in bio-diesel producing equipment.

The company currently produces 50 to 60,000 litres fuel every day, say company sources

The company further said that the product has been successfully tested and certified by the Central Institute of Road Transport (CIRT) & by international product certification company SGS along with Indian Railways.

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