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Emerging green economy in the country may see creation of nine lakh jobs in India by 2025, a top government official said.

“India could generate nine lakh jobs by 2025 in biomass gasification, of which three lakh would be in manufacturing of stoves and six lakh in areas such as processing into briquettes and pellets and the fuel supply chain,” Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Secretary Dinesh Rai said.

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I am not sure if biomass gasification alone could generate almost a million jobs. The secretary appears to have his numbers done for him all right, but I still wonder.

It will of course be good if it comes true. It was only yesterday that I met this gentleman whose company manufactures efficient burners for kerosene stoves and he was quite hopeful about the micro-gasifiers as well.

Let’s see how it goes

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