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At peak production by 2010, KG (Krishna Godavari) D6 of Reliance will yield 80 MMSCMD of gas, says this article. Now, that’s a lot. Well, a heck of a lot – it is the total being produced by all of ONGC now (about 32 billion cu m or 1 trillion cubic ft per year – see here ).

So, KG D6 alone will double our production of natural gas? Tough to believe, let me double check

On a side note, I found in one of our forum postings that by 2030-31, the amount of natural gas expected to be produced by India is about 100 Million T oe (oil equivalent). That’s quite a lot; by the way, India consumes about 120 Million T of oil currently (2009)…now, natural gas density is 0.7 Kg /m3, and the approx energy density of natural gas is about 10,000 KCal/Kg, which is similar to that for gasoline. So, 100 Mill T of oil would be the same as 100 mill T of natural gas = 100,000,000*1000*0.7 m3 = 70 billion m3 (cu m) = 70 billion * 3.3*3.3*3.3 cu ft = 70 bill * 36 = 2520 billion cu ft = 2.5 tcf. Currently, it is about 1 tcf. I doubt the estimate is correct, because just one block of Reliance KG D6 alone is expected to double the production to about 2 tcf per year (though I’m not sure how quickly this scaling up will happen)…

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