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An interesting organization, and a useful one too. So thought I’d provide details about it.

About SESI

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The Solar Energy of India (SESI), established in 1976, and having its Secretariat in New Delhi, is the Indian Section of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES). Its interests cover all aspects of renewable energy, including characteristics, effects and methods of use, and it provides a common ground to all those concerned with the nature and utilization of this renewable non-polluting resource.

The Society is interdisciplinary in nature, with most of the leading energy researchers and manufacturers of renewable energy systems and devices of the country as its members. High academic attainments are not a prerequisite for membership and any person engaged in research, development or utilization of renewable energy or in fields related to renewable energy and interested in the promotion of renewable energy utilization can become a member of the society.

Objectives & Activities

collecting, compiling, and disseminating information relating to renewable energy;
organizing seminars and conferences, by publishing books, memoirs, journals and proceedings in the field of renewable energy;
instituting awards;
establishing formal education curriculum in collaboration with other institutions;
establishing renewable Energy Centres in collaboration with Corporates, NGOs, Foundations, individuals and government bodies; and
collaborating and co-operating with other scientific societies, institutions, and academies in the country and abroad for research, development, and furtherance of renewable energy utilization.

SESI has presently 2000 members consisting of (1) Life Members, (2) Student Members, (3) Organizational Members, (4) Fellows and (5) Patrons. SESI has regional chapters located in Guwahati (North-Eastern Chapter), Kolkata (Eastern Chapter), Andhra Pradesh and local chapters in Pondicherry and Coimbatore.


The affairs and property of the society are administered by its Governing Council consisting of 20 members including the President, six Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, and 11 members of whom one shall be the immediate past-President (ex-officio).

The council meets two or three times in a year.

Day-to-day administration is provided by the Society Secretariat.

Regions in which sufficient interest exists, regional or local chapters of the Society have been/can be established.

The Annual meeting of the members is held at the time of its Annual Convention.

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