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This article says 22000 green jobs were outsourced to India by the US.

“US corporations, focusing on survival strategies during the long-lasting recession, have offshored more than 22,000 new green-collar jobs to India alone. Firms seeking stabilized energy and labor costs while trying to convince consumers of their eco-friendly practices are more often turning to Indian green-collar workers than American ones, according to Brown-Wilson Group. Indian labor suppliers have become popular with American businesses over the last few years by aggressively investing in appropriate hardware, waste disposal, recycling, eco-friendly buildings and other green technologies.”

I went through the PDF document from the 2009 Green Outsourcing Report, and to say the least, it was confusing to me where this article was talking about green collar jobs offshoring. It was more about the green-ness of the existing IT and BPO vendors. Or perhaps I don’t know how to read.

I’d be glad if someone can find some data that corroborates what has been said in the article about green collar jobs being outsourced to India.

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