Trends in Energy Consumption in India: India's energy outlook until 2020 - India Renewable Energy Consulting – Solar, Biomass, Wind, Cleantech
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An excellent white paper on India’s energy outlook until 2020. A must-read paper (PDF), from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. See the PDF link below

The report says that the goal of the project was to build a new generation global energy and CO2 emissions model that will be based on the level of diffusion of end use technologies. The model will address end-use energy demand characteristics including sectoral patterns of energy consumption, trends in saturation and usage of energy-using leg equipment, technological change including efficiency improvements, and links between urbanization and energy demand.

The present report presents

  • A detailed picture of trends in energy consumption in India at the sectoral level such as industry, transport, and buildings without further disaggregation.
  • For each sector, drivers of energy and technology are indentified. Trends are then analyzed and used to project future growth.
  • Results of this report provide valuable inputs to the elaboration of realistic energy efficiency scenarios.

PDF Link

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