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June 20, 2009

Tamil Nadu’s total installed capacity of small hydro power: 4,813 Mw, wind: 4,311 Mw and cogneration and biomass power: 413 Mw, as on April 30, 2009. This accounts for 35 per cent of the installed capacity from renewable energy source in India.

This alone represents 27 per cent of TNEB’s grid capacity against 9 per cent for the country as a whole. Electricity generation from renewable energy sources in the state was 7,532 million units in 2007-08 which was about 11 per cent of the grid consumption.

Wind farms in Tamil Nadu added 431 Mw of power to Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) in 2008-09 as compared to 381 MW in 2007-08. A total of 6,655 million units were generated from wind and were fed to the grid during 2008-09.

Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission had recently fixed the tariff for purchasing renewable energy by TNEB. For instance, the existing tariff for wind power rose to Rs 3.30 per unit from Rs 2.90 per unit, biomass power to Rs 4.50 per unit from Rs 3.15 per unit, cogeneration bagasse-based to Rs 4.38 per unit from Rs 3.15 per unit and solar power it would be Rs 3.15 per unit, under the Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy’s incentive scheme.

Source: Business Standard

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