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This article is almost a year old, so some of the facts could have changed, but the theme of the article provides inputs on the types of infrastructural problems that the country faces currently.

Indian companies which produce biodiesel from Jatropha are distributing the oil to other countries. This is not because we produce surplus oil but because of lack of infrastructure
to blend the fuel in with conventional petroleum diesel.

Naturol Bioenergy, a Hyderabad-based company with a capacity of 100,000 tonnes of fuel per year using a blend of palm oil, rapeseed, jatropha, pongamia, and vegetable oil as feedstock has been distributing biodiesel to the US and EU since June. Another hyderbad based company Cleancities Biodiesel with 66 million gallon per year facility will be shipping fuel to the United States soon. It uses a blend of palm, jatropha and soybean oil as feedstock.

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