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Algae fuels – the holy grail of biofuels

For those of us who had been looking at the biofuel industry for almost a decade, algae appeared (and still does) like the knight in the shining armour. Here was a feedstock that had none of the problems that other feedstock had. Algae did not compete with the food...

Castor oil – oil that could be big part of future

If I told you I am gonna talk a fascinating oil, the last oil you would think of would be castor oil. But that is the truth. Castor oil is the most fascinating oil about which we all know so little about. You have palm oil, a famous edible oil now a biodiesel...

Algae-based Carbon Capture and Sequestration

The world emits about 35 billion tons of C02 every year. Of this, close to 10 billion tons (about 30%) of all CO2 emissions come from just power plants. This is both bad news and good news. Bad news because the world’s power consumption is only going to increase...
CLIMAFIX Summit 2022 - India climate start ups event

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