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If I told you I am gonna talk a fascinating oil, the last oil you would think of would be castor oil.

But that is the truth.

Castor oil is the most fascinating oil about which we all know so little about.

You have palm oil, a famous edible oil now a biodiesel feedstock. The you have similar oils like soybean oil and sunflower oil. Aromatherapists will point you to rose oil, hibiscus boil and many such exotic oils that have healing and medicinal properties. And there are those plant and oils such as linseed oil that can be used for a variety of industrial purposes.

But has anyone told you that castor oil is perhaps the only plant-based oil that could be used for all the above – in food industry (not exactly as an edible oil but as a supporting ingredient), in pharma, as a biofuel feedstock, in a variety of industries such as paints, lubricants and greases, and for a whole host of emerging products such as biopolymers?

Unlikely, but that is castor oil for you. The most versatile plant oil.

I have had the privilege to do considerable industry research on this oil for the past 7 years. So much that I run the only dedicated web site for this oil, and my team publishes the only report for castor oil and its derivatives.

Do spend some time to know about this fascinating oil, friends.

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