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A study on Network Power Downtime, an analysis of the impact of downtime in corporate India due to high occurrence of power outages, was conducted by the Manufacturers’ Association for Information Technology (MAIT) and Emerson Network Power (India). The study revealed that India Inc lost Rs. 43,205 crores in 2008-09; double the loss since 2003 when it amounted to Rs. 22,000 crores.

Eight hundred firms across seven industrial centers namely, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Pune were covered under the study. Detailed information on downtime experiences, typical causes and solutions adopted, reactions to uptime etc. was sought from senior executives across fourteen major industry verticals including manufacturing, electronics, telecom, IT services, IT enabled services, banking & finance, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, SMEs, retail, hotels, real estate, infrastructure and hospitals.

According to the source, the survey did not take into account the investment made in backup. Captive power setup was limited to 15% of the companies surveyed.


  • The loss is close to 1% of India’s GDP
  • Infrastructure stress on power utilities is a key reason for downtime
  • 78% feel that power scenario will improve only after a year; confidence is lowest in Delhi and Pune and high in Chennai
  • Contingency planning already a part of the Indian business psyche; over 95% firms have a power source other than grid supply

Key findings

  • Nearly 62% of the firms polled were extremely dependent upon IT and Automation
  • Power disruption frequency is highest in Delhi followed by Pune and Bangalore
  • The average time taken to restore power supply is over 70 minutes, Bangalore is the most affected with frequent and long power outages. In Hyderabad, the outages are infrequent but they are long
  • Telecom had the fastest restoration, while it was slowest in pharma/ biotech, hotels/ hospitals and manufacturing
  • Downtime losses, across verticals averaged to Rs 54,434 per hour; they were highest in telecom and real estate/ infrastructure companies and lowest in the case of SMEs
  • The major impact of downtime is on employee productivity and customer management
  • Companies, without alternative sources of power, were highly dependent on the grid. Mumbai continues to be most dependent on grid for power


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