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April 9th, 2009It is really surprise to learn that the government is planning to replace rickshaws, a non polluting vehicle, with solar rickshaw to reduce carbon emission and providing loan for the same.

The questions which the author of the article asks regarding this solar rickshaw are obvious

  • The soleckshaw is about three times as expensive as the cycle-rickshaw ($440 (Rs. 22000) as against $170 (Rs 8500). If the rickshaw-pullers could not afford their own rickshaw at $170 (Rs 8500), how are they more likely to become proud-owners by being able to afford the $440 (Rs 22000) one?
  • How will the rickshaw-puller be able to handle the additional costs of electric-charging, batteries, solar-panels etc., on the soleckshaw if they could not look beyond the leasing-option on the no-such-additional-costs cycle-rickshaw?

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