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Read in the news recently that the Hyderabad-based solar PV modules maker Solar Semiconductor is in discussions with two firms in Europe and US to set up a 50-MW solar power plant in the near future.

The firm also recently announced its quality certification by the US-based Underwriters Laboratories (UL); this certification is expected to increase the number of business opportunities for the firm with solar plants around the world.

The firm is currently operating from two plants – Kompally and Fabcity in Hyderabad and has 200 MW solar cell production facility. It had exported PV cells worth $100 million to the US, Germany, Spain, Italy and Slovakia in the last fiscal, and is eyeing $500 million exports this year. It has also invested over 2 crores (about half a million $) in the Fabcity to develop a 100-KW power plant.

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