Sidho-Kanho Park in Jharkhand to Have a "Solar Hut" - India Renewable Energy Consulting – Solar, Biomass, Wind, Cleantech
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To expose youngsters to the world of renewable energy, the Sidho-Kanho Park will open its doors next month. And the highlight of the park is a hut running on solar energy.

Spread across an area of nine acres, the solar energy park is coming up at an estimated cost of Rs 3 crore.

About 40 solar indoor and outdoor exhibits, all executed by Tata BP Solar India, will be on display. Plans for a solar-powered toy train and car are also afloat.

Under the project, the solar hut, technically known as the building integrated photo volatile (BIPV), will house indoor and outdoor exhibits like a solar cooker, solar power centre, solar television with VCD capacity and home theatre. A solar-operated refrigerator, solar weighing machine, computer-based energy games, a solar system replica, solar educational kit for children, solar water distillation, windmill, solar water heating system and solar garden lights will also be on display.

Other interesting exhibits would include a swimming pool, which will be kept warm through solar power, a slide for children which will generate and store energy, a battery-operated car, a biomass gasifier, bio-fuel energy plants, micro hydel plant and a solar drum.

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