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Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC) said it has stumbled upon a reserve of uranium while carrying out exploration work in an oilfield in Assam.

According to a senior ONGC official, traces of uranium were detected during exploration work at the Borholla oilfield in Jorhat district, about 360 km east of here. “Uranium traces were detected during examination of logs of the Borholla oilfield. Now a joint study is on with the Uranium Corporation to take this entire process forward,” said AK Hazarika, director of ONGC’s onshore operations.

There are more than 20 wells in the Borholla oilfield, apart from several abandoned wells. With an estimated Rs.5 billion being sanctioned to carry out research and development and pilots for renewable and alternate energy, the two state-run firms have begun examining logs of over 900 oil and gas wells, mainly in Assam, to look for uranium reserves.

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