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An example of future forward thinking is Rabi Rashmi Abasan, India’s first completely green housing project.

This sounds very interesting indeed. Read on, and let’s hope there are more such projects coming up.

Built in Kolkata, Rabi Rashmi Abasan is India’s first completely solar-powered housing complex. The 58 kilowatt project consists of 26 photovoltaic systems comprising 464 units of Conergy C125W solar modules. The solar modules were customized to fit on the building roofs. This is also India’s first building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) project.

The houses will have both passive solar architecture and active solar energy features. The passive solar features will make houses cool during summer, ensure natural light, and better air circulation inside the house. The active solar energy elements include the solar water heating system. Other sustainable features include garbage management system, solar street lights, and a solar-heated swimming pool.

The complex has been conceived, designed, engineered and built by West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency (WBREDA) and Bengal DCL. The solar photovoltaic has been installed by SunTechnics India.


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