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Cooking and lighting constitute around 75% of the total energy requirement in rural areas. Most of the cooking is done on traditional three stone wood stoves. These stoves are highly inefficient and the smoke emanating from them is very hazardous to the health of the rural population. According to the recent study made by the WHO, around 1.6 million people die every year in developing nations due to the problem of Indoor Air Pollution. The wood used for cooking is gathered form nearby shrubs or by felling trees. This practice, followed for decades, has resulted in a highly degraded environmental condition in our villages. Poor health and degraded environment are vital links in the vicious cycle of poverty in rural India. In order to improve the standard of living of the rural poor we have to urgently address their domestic energy needs.

In view of these issues, WOTR has developed in-house, a clean and efficient biomass cooking stove.

This stove runs on pellets made of agricultural waste and is designed to give an output close to that of a LPG burner. The stove has been tested extensively in our villages and has been proven to be a sound solution to their cooking energy needs.

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