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Local Governments for Sustainability, an international association of local governments, released a report highlighting energy consumption and carbon emissions of key cities across India and South Asia. It captures data from different sectors like residential, commercial, industrial, transportation and also discusses the action plans cities have proposed to curb carbon emission and reduce energy consumption. The report seeks to support the South Asian local governments in understanding the contribution of city level carbon emissions.

The project “Roadmap of South Asian Cities and Local Governments for the post 2012 global climate agreement” is an international initiative with 53 South Asian cities where 40 cities are from India and 13 cities are distributed in countries of Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The participating cities shared the information related to energy consumption in various sectors such as street lighting, transportation, water pumping system, residential, commercial, industrial etc. ICLEI South Asia analysed this information to arrive at the City Energy Status Report, which indicates energy consumption by considered service sectors and resultant carbon emissions of the 53 South Asian cities.


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