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This is my second and final post on L’Attitude 13’05. The first post is available at (Link)

After the inaugural address by Dr. Kalam was the CEO conclave. The CEOs shared their ideas and success stories of how they got the people together, how they created a sustained business model and charted they way to profitable businesses.

Mr. Satish Pradhan, Chief, Group HR, Tata Sons, was the first speaker of the CEO Conclave. He highlighted the fact that people, planet and profit are not options but imperatives of enterprises and that the imperatives can be achieved successfully if they are built into the firms strategy. For all this we need leadership that can think beyond the ‘tomorrow’ and the ‘day after’. He quoted from Jamsetji Tata that “The community is not merely one of the stakeholders. It is the very purpose of our existence”. More on

Mr. Ragavendra Rao of Orchid Chemicals shared his experience of creating a business model from scratch. He narrated his experience of how difficult it was to get people together in the initial days of his business and to share a common idea. A lot has to be done towards employee motivation and benefits. Then businesses should have value system centering around people. He also highlighted the fact that leaders should know when to look backwards (material) and forwards (aspirational). Achieve scale with conscience, have an agenda and live up for something, look for somebody, get inspired by them and move forward. CONCENTRATE ON CAUSE RATHER THAN EFFECT.

Mr. Firdose Vandrevala of Hirco systems gave his views next. One thing which was captivating in his speech was that people look for jobs that will allow them to learn, earn and contribute. He also stressed for a more equitable business model for inclusive growth.

Mr. Kamal P. Nanavati, Head of RILs polymer and cracker business gave examples of some of their customers who are earnestly practicing sustainability in their businesses.

Finally, Sampath Ramesh of Meso America Inc shared his ideas. One thing which was interesting in his speech was the highlight on the business model in USA and India. In USA…People – are assets but can be dispensed; Planet – very disciplined and anxious; Profit – a very determined number (if you have the numbers, sit across the table). In India…People – available in plentiful; Planet – important, but not now!; Profit – will happen (Ho Jayga). He highlighted the fact that the 3BLs cannot be achieved without passion. Also people, planet and profit are not isolated silos. They tend to have a concentric approach. People and planet come first in the inner circle. If they are taken care of, profit follows, then profit keeps increasing concentrically.

Overall, it was a very good experience and exposure to hear from the industry people their ideas on sustainability.

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