Renewtech India 2011 Conference - Day 2 - India Renewable Energy Consulting – Solar, Biomass, Wind, Cleantech
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The details of the first day of the conference is available here.

The second day of the The 3rd International Expo and Summit, Renewtech India 2011 conference started with a speech by Mr. D.C. Bhishikar, Managing Director, Clarke Energy India. The topic was “Application of Gas Generated from Waste Treatment for Combined Heat and Power(CHP) Solutions using GE Jenbacher Gas Engine Technology” He mentioned that the company has about 300 MW of installation base in India. He explained the various aspects of the Jenbacher Gas Engine Technology and explained that while a combustion based power generation(ranking cycle) has an efficiency of approximately 28%, the Gas engine technology has an efficiency of about 40%.

The next speaker was Mr. Ravinder Tanwar, VP-Operations, Websol Energy Systems Ltd and he spoke on the topic “ Rural Electrification in Sagar Island through off Grid Solar PV Power plants”. In this session, Mr. Tanwar presented a case study of how an off-grid solar PV power plant in the Sagar island in Sunderbans, West Bengal changed the lifestyle of the inhabitants there. He explained the cost of setting up the plant and the challenges that Websol faced in putting up these plants. For example, the Solar PV modules had to be transported to the islands using boats.

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The next session was about “Solar Energy & Hybrids”. This session had speakers from Gadhia Solar Energy Systems, HCL Technologies, Soltigua-Italy and Mahindra Cleantech Ventures. Mr. Badal Shah, MD of Gadhia Solar, spoke about Solar Air conditioning. He briefly explained the principle behind how it works. He also talked about Solar cookers and highlighted the company’s projects in cooking meals at Tirupati and Shirdi temples. One key point he wanted people to remember was that Solar energy can only complement other sources of energy and cannot be a substitute for them.

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The next speaker was Mr. Vijaya Klnr Pingali, Group Technical Specialist at HCL Technologies Limited. The topic of his speech was “Monitoring for Better Monetization and Implementation” . In his speech, Mr. Pingali highlighted the need for effective monitoring of Solar PV farms. He also described the different types of monitoring with various examples.

Mr. Francesco Orioli, Director-Marketing & Sales, Soltigua, Italy spoke on the topic of Concentrating Solar Power(CSP). The firm Soltigua is a market leader in the CSP Parabolic Solar Collectors. Mr. Orioli presented some case studies about some of the CSP projects his firm had undertaken.

The next topic was “ Building Robust Ecosystem for Solar Energy in India” and the speaker was Mr. Vish Palekar, Business Head, Mahindra Cleantech Ventures. Mr. Palekar gave a very insightful speech on the development of the Solar sector in India, especially the grid-connected projects selected under the 1st part of the first phase of the JNNSM. He touched upon the following aspects of these projects

  1. Growth drivers – Policy/PPA
  2. Project Implemention – Financing, Technology selection and execution.

He mentioned that while many of the project developers are choosing thin film technology, these projects could face problems when they approach banks for financing. The reason for this is that world over thin film technology is used by only about 20-30% of all the projects.

Overall, he felt that the MNRE is doing a very good job in bring confidence in the industry and in removing any uncertainty regarding the seriousness of the National Solar Mission.

The third session of the day was on Wind Power. Two speakers spoke during the session – Mr. Renjith Viripullan, Engineering Manager, Onshore systems GE Energy and Mr. Bhagwat Divate, National Technical Manager, Kluber Lubrication India. Mr. Divate spoke on “Wind Turbine Maintenance Technology & Efficiency” and highlighted various challenges in the maintenance of Wind Turbines. He explained the tribological features to be kept in mind during maintenance and also the importance of lubricants.

Mr. Virupullan spoke about “Wind Turbines for Low Wind Speed Market” . His speech included the definition of low speeds, challenges and opportunities in this segment.

The final session was titled “Case Studies on Applications of Renewable Energy”. The following were the topics and the speakers.

  1. “Innovative CDM Based Renewable Energy Projects” – Dr. Ram Babu of General Carbon
  2. “Solar PV Pumping system for Landscape Irrigation Application” – Mr. Vilas Erande of Samved Energy Systems
  3. “Waste-to-Energy Application” – Mr Soumya Bhattacharya, Concord Blue

This was the final session of the day.  All the speeches of the day were good, but I felt that Mr. Vish Palekar’s speech was the most insightful and he also handled the Question and Answers very well. The third and final day of the event had sessions on

  1. Tidal & Geo-Thermal Energy
  2. Energy Efficiency
  3. Quality and Certification of PV Solar Cells.

The details of the third day’s proceeds are available here.

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