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About 50 companies are actively engaged in manufacturing a variety of PV systems. The overall production in the country during 2008-09 was estimated to be over 175 MWp of solar cells and 240 MWp of PV modules. Nearly 90% of the solar modules manufactured in India use crystalline silicon C-Si technology, while only 10% of the solar modules are manufactured using thin film technology.

Major players in the manufacturing of solar modules can be classified according to technology and their capacity. The following are the names of the companies that overshadowed the others to be listed as the preferred ones in terms of their annual capacity, solar product profile, reach, state-of-the-art manufacturing and services capabilities.

Tata BP Solar India Ltd, Moser Baer Photovoltaic Ltd, Reliance Solar Group, Indo Solar Ltd, PLG Power Ltd, Central Electronics Ltd, Maharishi Solar Technology (P) Ltd, Titan Energy Systems Ltd, Websol Energy Systems Ltd, and Gautam Polymers
Apart from the above 10 most preferred players, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd, Rajasthan Electronics and Instruments Ltd and Jupiter Solar Power Ltd have also been named as leading companies.

Industrialists say that, with growing competition in the field, India’s PV market is expected to grow gradually, consistently and sustainably, unlike other markets like Spain which skyrocketed in 2008 or Germany, which did in 2010. However, the development of the domestic market is the chance for the Indian PV manufacturers, and they should always be prepared for the dropping prices.

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