Samaskaara Academy, a Kovai School, Attempts Eco-friendly Learning - India Renewable Energy Consulting – Solar, Biomass, Wind, Cleantech
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Samaskaara Academy runs on an eco-friendly concept ensuring that each and every student blossoms in a clean and green environment.

The school was recently awarded Coimbatore’s prestigious Eco Award for the innovative eco-friendly concepts that have gone into its construction.

Chairperson of Samskaara Academy, Brinda Dorairaj, shares the various eco-friendly techniques adopted by the school.

“No child likes studying within confined spaces, and even something as simple as an air conditioner can have serious side effects. We were looking for an alternative way to keep the classrooms cool at all times, and that was when our architect suggested the Laurie Baker concept.

The entire school is built on eco-friendly parameters; for instance, there are hollow walls to ensure good air circulation; we use for solar energy for all the lighting; bio gas is generated; rain water is harvested; we have terracotta floor tiles for cooling.

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