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EAI presents Cleantech Snapshots: a quick summary of some of the most interesting and innovative areas in clean technology that will drive the sustainability movement in future.

This snapshot focuses on Intelligent building energy management.. Within this page you will find


  • Building energy management systems monitor and control services such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, ensuring they operate at maximum levels of efficiency and economy
  • This is achieved by maintaining the optimum balance between environmental conditions, energy usage, and operating requirements
  • Buildings constitute 40% of total energy consumption in most economies
  • And regardless of age, nearly every building—office complexes, hotels, hospitals, manufacturing plants, retail stores –wastes energy
  • The increasing availability and affordability of wireless building and home automation networks has increased interest in residential and commercial building energy management that can significant reduce energy use and costs

Intelligent building energy managementIntelligent building energy management (Image source)




  • The main key role is to regulate and monitor heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting systems
  • To efficiently control as much as 84% of building’s energy usage


  • Controllers
  • Supervisors
  • Networks
  • Field Devices


  • Utilities management – Only with correct measurement of utility consumption, costs and energy wastes can be managed
  • Monitoring and targeting – The system records actual consumption data and compares it against the regular profile
  • Alarm monitoring – It identifies and communicates the alarm conditions ensuring a quick response
  • Remote monitoring
  • System back up
  • Condition based maintenance
  • 24/7 back up

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