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Minimizing utility bills is always a concern for most businesses – especially for small and medium offices and commercial establishments that always grapple to increase their bottom line. Most maintenance managers and utility in-charges know that Air Conditioner is the villain. But it is the villain they cannot live without.

Many companies and residences try many stunts to reduce the impact of ACs in their electricity bills – using right techniques for installation, managing the operations in a reasonably effective way, giving annual maintenance contracts, doing right insulation for the room etc. Still, most users are not able to minimize their electricity bills in a significant manner.

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Sure there are now slightly better solutions – BEE is star-rating the air conditioners and there are these inverter ACs gaining a lot of popularity. Still, are we able to get what we want i.e., significant reduction in electricity bills – through these inverter ACs? Let’s analyse this further.

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Advent of Inverter ACs

Inverters ACs are designed to use energy in an efficient way and claims to be environment-friendly because of its approach. Inverter, a device in the air conditioner, controls frequency of power supplied to compressor motor which in turn controls the rotational speed of the compressor and compressor ensures refrigerant flow equivalent to cooling requirement of the room.

Unlike the traditional air conditioners, you do not have to keep on turning the system off and on to achieve the ideal temperature. It automatically adjusts and maintains the temperature in a consistent way. inverter-ac-working

Inverters ACs thus have significant advantages over conventional ACs, the main benefit being the significant reduction in power consumption without a compromise in comfort.

Inverters ACs however are significantly more expensive than conventional ACs. Besides, if you have an existing AC, you cannot retrofit the inverter part alone but need to buy a new equipment So, while it might be a good idea to consider buying an inverter AC if you are planning to buy a new one, what if you wish to derive the same power savings from an existing AC?

[dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”650px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ] •What if we say that there is a device which provides the energy savings and comfort associated with Inverter ACs but at much lower costs? • What if we say that this device not only saves energy but also offers superior safety features? • What if we say that you can get all of these benefits without even changing your existing AC? [/dropshadowbox]

ASSET is an intelligent and simple plug-and-play solution that can ensure your AC uses much less electricity without compromising your comfort. It also quickly and clearly identifies any problems with your AC operations – gas leakage, electrical short circuits, and compressor problems – and thus enables timely repair and smooth running of the machine.

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More than 30 % energy savings can be obtained on your AC energy consumption through ASSET. Because of its Advanced technological superiority and designing ASSET can significantly yield better results than that of INVERTOR ACs with respect to energy saving. It is also a simple plug and play solution that can be retrofitted to any AC of any size to enjoy the benefits of Inverter AC.


Other than Energy saving ASSET provides SAFETY features, Preventive Mechanism and Indications which is not available in INVERTOR models. As per the statistics from the Tamil Nadu Fire Department, around 20% of electrical fires happen with air conditioners. Preventing such fire accidents is as important as saving significant amount money on AC.

It is very easy to infer that at a much lesser cost “YOU CAN ACTUALLY CONVERT YOUR EXISTING AC TO PERFORM BETTER THAN AN INVERTOR AC “

by providing  safety features which are not available in Inverter ACs.

Thus, ASSET provides two key benefits – significantly reduced power bills, and ensuring safety and longevity of your AC – at far lesser cost than an inverter AC.

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