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by Narasimhan Santhanam

This posevnext-logo-v-smallt is a part of EV Next’s EV Perspectives.

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An analysis of how the Indian EV industry will trend

Predicting anything is a challenge today.

Predicting growth for nascent industries such as electric vehicles should hence be done with a balanced dose of adventurism and humility. Adventurism because you are sticking your neck out for something quite uncertain, and humility because the future has a great way of proving you wrong!

When I and my clean energy consulting team at EAI started our market research for electric vehicles about 18 months back, it was a feeling of déjà vu – here was another industry in which many things were uncertain. What was also interesting was to observe a large number of industry stakeholders, especially from the auto OEM and auto ancillary industries, equally uncertain as or even more uncertain than we were.

Since then, our team has come some distance in understanding the trends and contours of this industry based on multiple consulting assignments we undertook in the EV domain.

At a time when the central and many state governments are putting together various policy measures for the industry, and when the Indian industry on its own is trying to find its feet and get going on EVs, we felt it was an apt time to put together what we had learnt into informative blogs .

This blog is a connected study which has been segregated as, 

  1. Highlights of the Indian EV Industry, an EAI Perspective
  2. Understanding The PUSH & PULL for the Indian EV Industry
  3. The Needs & Drivers of the Indian EV Market
  4. Constraints, Challenges and Avenues for EV Adoption in India
  5. Strategizing for India’s EV Growth
  6. EV Next’s Strategy Recommendation for India’s EV Growth – Summary & Analysis
  7. India’s EV Growth – EVolution or rEVolution? – the conclusion

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Get to know about 1000+ EV innovations from EVI2: Electric Vehicle Innovation Intelligence from EVNext