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This is a part of the EV  Digital Opportunities series

Testing, design and simulation solutions play a critical role in the growth of the e-mobility sector, especially as the sector is new and a large percentage of products developed across the value chain are new as well. 

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This blog post will discuss the opportunities specific to EV Design and Simulation Software. Design and Simulation Software helps in designing vehicles and their components before production through mathematical models and algorithms.

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Digital Opportunities in Electric Vehicles – EVIT



  • EV design and simulation software help in the modeling of the EV system in every aspect like power electronic hardware, EV exoskeleton, EV aerodynamics, EV charging station circuit simulations, etc.
  • EV testing software helps in diagnosing the EV batteries, Thermal systems, Circutries, EVs for unexpected issues before the manufacturing phase and helps to rectify them.


  • Simulation for power electronics – Develop more reliable power electronics with the aid of FloTHERM® and FloEFD® simulation software and T3Ster® thermal characterization hardware. Test reliability and lifetime of your power electronics components including IGBTs, MOSFETs, and other two-pole semiconductor devices with Power Tester™.
  • EV modelling software – GT-SUITE offers a unique and comprehensive solution for modeling electrified vehicles throughout all stages of the vehicle design process.   Advanced data and model management features allow you to publish libraries of components for fast and efficient vehicle architecture studies.  With GT-SUITE’s complete transmission library and object-oriented interface, any electrified vehicle architecture can be built and tested for fuel economy and performance.
  • Powertrain design simulation software – AVL offers simulation solutions that support you in the development of electric and hybrid electric vehicle powertrains – from system concept via component analysis to integration. These solutions help you to make the important concept and design decisions, during the early stages of the development based on simulation results.
  • HEV/EV hardware in loop simulation software – For HIL and PHIL-testing of ECUs, real-time simulations must be as real as possible. Truly reliable implementation of Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) for EV and HEV applications requires sound models, the program execution time of less than a few microseconds, and the fastest possible I/O communication. OPAL-RT provides solvers, FPGA architecture and CPU capability that identify the company as a leader in HEV/EV simulation.
  • PC based EV simulation – EVSIM — A PC-based Simulation Tool for an Electric Vehicle Technology – EVSIM, is developed to perform electric vehicle (EV) simulation based on a PC. It can carry out performance analysis of different EVs in a visual, interactive and user-friendly way, hence serving as an experimental part of the Electric Vehicle Technology
  • EV modelling simulation software – Eleves: A new software tool for electric vehicle modeling and simulation – The ELEctric VEhicle Simulator (ELEVES) is currently being developed as a research project in the University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard (UTBM) by our laboratory Systems and Transportations (SeT). This simulator is developed on the base of the Component Hybrid Dynamic Nets (CHDN). As an application, the proposed software tool has been used to modeling and simulation of four motorized wheels electric vehicles.
  • Twaice makes a ‘digital battery twins’ softwares enable optimal battery design and precise determination and prediction of battery health along the whole lifecycle in major industries. he company first runs physical simulation models of li-ion batteries to help companies choose the right type and configuration of battery they need for their uses. The simulation can be integrated into any research readily. Then the predictive analysis uses deep battery learning, Machine learning, and AI to manage, analyze and optimize the battery operations to increase lifetime and efficiency. The products can also be used individually and independently. This way, Twice provides production, to product, to aftersale services for li-ion batteries.
  • Feasible – Feasible EchoStat™ uses ultrasound and machine learning to rapidly and non-invasively deliver actionable information throughout the entire battery value chain. Their patented process-control and process-enabling solutions are designed to help our customers achieve best-in-class battery performance, reliability, and safety while reducing overall battery costs. Ultrasound waves are incredibly sensitive to small shifts in component quality and process parameters. Detecting these in real-time with EchoStat™ will lead to lower-cost, safer, and higher-performing batteries.
  • Astrolabe Analytics – Astrolabe Analytics provides a software solution for battery companies and their partners that enables their clients to efficiently use their battery data to make batteries that work better, longer, and more reliably using a suite of cloud computing, data management, and machine learning techniques.
  • Akkurate – Akkurate studies all batteries of different specifications from different manufacturers in a centralized diagnostics center all through the battery’s life and provides cell level safety and performance information. It also ensures effective battery recycling and repurposing by indicating the reusable cells/parts of the spent battery. The company provides remote monitoring and centralized surveillance – Monitor and manage battery fleet remotely and receive notifications, alerts as well as historical data.
  • Aviloo – Aviloo developed a testing system for Li-Batteries in EVs. The system only requires a short test drive. The Aviloo rating gives the customer an independent and comparable assessment of the vehicle’s battery. The company is also going mobile by providing a small hardware device that could connect to the car and provide real time battery performance analysis. The diagnosis is a few hours process where the vehicle an be dropped between 9 A.M to 1 P.M
  • Paramatters CogniCAD™ by ParaMatters is the only generative software product with a fully automated workflow based on in-house developed topology optimization, high-resolution finite element analysis, and computational geometry, that requires no manual adjustment or reconstruction. Designs generated by CogniCAD™ satisfy all design requirements, CAD agnostic as B-rep (STEP) and are ready for manufacturing (STL) within tens of minutes up to a few hours.

This is a part of the EV  Digital Opportunities series

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Keywords: FloTHERM® and FloEFD®, GT-SUITE, EVSIM, Eleves, CogniCAD™, Ultrasound testing, Centralized diagnostics, EchoStat™, Power electronics simulation, EV aerodynamics simulation, EV powertrain simulation, EV chargers simulation, EV motor simulation.


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