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In pursuant to one of the aspects of its motto, “be of research and technological service to the nation”, IIT Madras has its Industrial Energy Assessment Cell (IEAC). This effort was launched in 2018.

The goal of IEAC is industrial assessment for energy efficiency, for small and mid-scale industrial companies

It has been largely modelled along the successful DOE program in the USA that has been operational for several years. This was established in 2018.

The team identifies, evaluates, and recommends – through analyses of industrial plant operations – opportunities to conserve energy, minimize waste, and reduce the overall cost of operations. The recommendations will be based upon observations made and measurements that will be taken at the plant during the assessment. Also, it will take into account all the details that will be furnished by the customer so that we can do a proper assessment of the energy consumption.

Get to know more about IEAC from here.


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