Ammonia's Green Power Revolution : Project ARENHA
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Focuses on the full power-to-ammonia-to-usage value chain; consortium consists of 11 partners from seven countries

The Advanced Research on Energy Storage and Hydrogen Applications (ARENHA) project aims to demonstrate the feasibility of ammonia as a dispatchable form of large-scale energy storage.

The main technical objectives of the ARENHA project are:

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  1. Develop and integrate innovative materials into a decomposition reactor able to generate 10 Nm3/hr of pure hydrogen (>99.99%) from green ammonia.
  2. Develop and test innovative materials and solutions for the alternative direct synthesis and utilization of next-generation green ammonia.
  3. Demonstrate ammonia as a flexible energy carrier through the development of a fully integrated prototype for green ammonia synthesis and decomposition.

Here are some innovations that have been funded by ARENHA so far:

  1. Production, Multiphase Electrolysers for Renewable Ammonia Production:
    • Recipient: Australian National University
    • Description: This project aims to develop advanced multiphase electrolysers for renewable ammonia production, enhancing the efficiency and scalability of the process.
  2. H2 storage enabled by nano-scaffolded gas hydrate capsules with ground-source energy utilisation:
    • Recipient: Jupiter Ionics Pty Ltd
    • Description: This project involves the development of nano-scaffolded gas hydrate capsules for hydrogen storage, leveraging ground-source energy for efficient and sustainable energy storage.
  3. Capital Cost reduction in electrochemical ammonia synthesis:
    • Recipient: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)
    • Description: This project aims to reduce the capital costs associated with electrochemical ammonia synthesis, enhancing the economic viability of the technology.
  4. Solar-Energy-Driven Modular Floatable Device for Scalable Green Hydrogen Production from Wastewater:
    • Recipient: MIH2 Pty Ltd (subsidiary of FFI)
    • Description: This project involves the development of a modular, floatable device for scalable green hydrogen production from wastewater, leveraging solar energy for efficient and sustainable energy generation.
  5. Scale up and demonstration of next generation CSIRO axial flow electrolyser for green hydrogen production:
    • Recipient: CSIRO
    • Description: This project aims to scale up and demonstrate the next generation of axial flow electrolyser technology for green hydrogen production, enhancing the efficiency and scalability of the process.

These projects represent some of the most innovative and promising developments in the field of renewable energy and energy storage, with significant potential for future growth and impact.

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