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Themes and Topics

  • Arcadis green hydrogen strategy and committee
  • Chile green hydrogen strategy
  • Chilean government green hydrogen initiatives
  • Green hydrogen legal framework in Chile
  • Hydrogen electrolysis capacity in Chile
  • Hydrogen generation and storage infrastructure in Chile
  • Hydrogen-powered mining machinery
  • LINE Hydrogen partnership with Blue Cap Mining
  • Renewable energy for mining in Chile
  • World Bank financing for green hydrogen projects in Chile
  • Chile’s Green Hydrogen Revolution: Mining, Emissions Slash

    Here’s an article posted in bnamericas that reports the GH2 revolution in Chile.

    As given in the article,

    • Chile’s mining and metals sectors are shifting towards green hydrogen production to reduce carbon emissions.
    • Green hydrogen is being considered as a clean fuel for powering mining operations, with the potential to account for 30% of domestic demand for the fuel by 2050.
    • The Chilean government aims to position the country as a leading low-cost exporter of green hydrogen by 2040, with an estimated market worth of $33

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