China's Green Hydrogen Superhighway: On To The Future
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Themes and Topics

  • China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Corporation (CPPEC)
  • China's hydrogen pipeline network
  • Global hydrogen pipeline infrastructure
  • Green hydrogen production in China
  • Hydrogen demand in China
  • PetroChina
  • Sinopec
  • West-East hydrogen pipeline
  • World Hydrogen Technology Convention
  • Yumen oilfield
  • China builds long hydrogen pipeline network to meet demands in hydrogen from eastern and southern parts; looking to expand to 6,000km by 2050.

    Here’s an article posted in Upstream Online that talks about China’s hydrogen superhighway.

    According to the article,

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    • China is building a 6,000km hydrogen pipeline network.
    • The pipeline will transport hydrogen from wind and solar energy-rich regions to southern and eastern markets.
    • The total demand for hydrogen is expected to reach 100 million tonnes per annum by 2060.

    Besides this, China is also promoting hydrogen in many other ways throughout the country as well:

    • Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCVs):
      • China encourages the development and adoption of FCVs. Companies like BYD are investing in FCV technology.
      • FCVs offer longer driving ranges and faster refueling compared to battery electric vehicles (BEVs).
    • Hydrogen Infrastructure:
      • China is expanding its hydrogen refueling station network. For instance, Beijing has operational hydrogen fuel cell buses.
      • Infrastructure development is crucial for consumer confidence in FCVs.
    • Collaboration with Industry Leaders:
      • Companies like Bosch are investing in automotive fuel cells in China3.
      • Partnerships with global players enhance technology transfer and adoption.

    Awareness programs and demonstrations of hydrogen’s potential as a new and efficient fuel are also being done in the country.

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    All these exhibit China’s progress towards decarbonization in important sectors, as well as establishing itself as a giant in the renewable energy industry.

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