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Themes and Topics

  • Carbon capture retrofitting
  • Catalyst portfolio and applications
  • Circular economy in catalyst innovation
  • Fuel cell development and applications
  • Hydrogen production and licensing
  • Johnson Matthey (JM)
  • LCH technology (Low-Carbon Hydrogen)
  • Platinum group metals (PGMs) recycling
  • Sustainable technologies in the chemical industry
  • Syngas production technologies
  • Johnson Matthey is a company committed to net-zero goals; brings innovative & sustainable solutions to their customers for a healthier world.

    Here’s an article posted in Chemanager about the interview of Maurits van Tol, CTO of Johnson Matthey. Here are the important points from the interview with Maurits van Tol :

    • Johnson Matthey (JM) is a global leader in sustainable technologies, specializing in catalysts and engineering solutions for customers.
    • 40% of all chemicals are produced through syngas, an optimized mixture of CO and hydrogen, and JM is the number one licensor of syngas-related technologies.
    • JM is also the leading licensor of hydrogen production technologies, now extended to a combination with CO2 capture for use or storage.

    Here are some of the initiatives that they’ve undertaken on green hydrogen:

    Top management consulting experts for Bio-energy, EV, Solar, Green Hydrogen

    • Catalyst Coated Membranes
      • They’re focusing on developing and manufacturing catalyst coated membranes (CCMs) for high-performance electrolyzers.
      • These CCMs enable the production of green hydrogen through water electrolysis, using renewable energy sources like wind or solar power.
    • HyCOgen (Reverse Water Gas Shift Technology):
      • JM’s HyCOgen process converts green hydrogen and CO₂ into carbon monoxide (CO).
      • The CO is then combined with additional hydrogen to form synthesis gas (syngas), a crucial building block for fuels and chemicals.
    • Clean Hydrogen Collaboration with 8 Rivers:
      • JM collaborates with 8 Rivers to accelerate global decarbonization.
      • Their integrated solution efficiently produces clean hydrogen, addressing net-zero needs immediately and incorporating up to nearly 100% carbon capture.

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    Green Hydrogen Using Catalyst Coated Technology and Electrolyzers: JM and Hystar Team Up: Johnson Matthey and Hystar partner to advance hydrogen economy, focusing on electrolysers’ performance improvement and circularity principles with catalyst coated technology.

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