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Green-Hydrogen Powered Fuel-Agnostic Powerhouse : Cummins Designs 

Here’s an article found in Green Car Congress about the fuel-agnostic powerhouse unveiled by Cummins.

According to the article,

  • Cummins unveiled a new fuel-agnostic 15-litre engine platform at CONEXPO
  • The engine is designed for heavy-duty off-highway applications
  • It can run on hydrogen, natural gas, and advanced diesel, offering low-to-zero carbon fuel capability
  • The 15-litre platform can use carbon-free hydrogen or biogas with up to a 90% carbon reduction


Advanced diesel engine

Carbon reduction technologies.

Cummins 15-liter engine platform

Direct-injection lean-burn combustion

Double-Overhead-Camshaft (DOHC) design

Fuel-agnostic engine

Hydrogen combustion technology

Natural gas engine

Renewable biogas applications

XPI ultra-high pressure fuel injection system

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