Green Hydrogen Stations to be Set Up by Nikola's HYLA
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  • Nikola to set up green hydrogen stations under HYLA; plans to set up 60 such stations running by 2024; targets 300 tons per day capacity.

    Here’s an article posted in Forbes that talks about Nikola’s HYLA Brand which has planned to unleash 60 Hydrogen stations by 2026.

    According to the article,

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    • Nikola’s hydrogen production, distribution, and fuel station network will operate under the HYLA brand name.
    • HYLA intends to have 60 hydrogen stations in place by 2026, with the first announced hydrogen stations in California in Colton, Ontario, and a location servicing the Port of Long Beach.

    Nikola had developed an innovative, heavy-duty, 700 bar (10,000 psi) hydrogen mobile fueler that can directly fuel hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). The mobile fueler is capable of cooling and compressing hydrogen to support refueling of 700-bar heavy-duty trucks. Coupled with a hydrogen tube trailer that has a capacity of 960 kg, Nikola’s mobile fueler can refuel customer trucks back-to-back. Nikola’s first mobile fueler had completed commissioning and testing and had been released for market operation.

    So how is this going to be important to HYLA?

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    Nikola’s mobile fueler program will be an integral part of the company’s flexible customer service in its early years, complementing its portfolio of hydrogen supply and permanent heavy-duty fueling stations. The mobile fuelers will ensure Nikola’s customers have complete coverage for their fueling needs, especially in the early stages of hydrogen infrastructure deployment before a full network of fixed stations is established. Nikola’s mobile fueling trailers provide a flexible, rapid-deployment solution to support the initial rollout of hydrogen fuel cell trucks by enabling on-site refueling at customer locations, ahead of a comprehensive fixed station network being built out. This helps accelerate the adoption of zero-emission hydrogen trucks.

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