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Hydrogen-Powered Tractor Introduced by Fendt at German Summit

Here’s an article posted in Green Car Congress that talks about the hydrogen-powered tractor unveiled at German Hydrogen Summit by Fendt.

According to the article,

  • Fendt unveiled its first-generation hydrogen-powered tractor at the German Hydrogen Summit.
  • The tractor is part of the H2Agrar agricultural model project in Lower Saxony.
  • The project aims to research hydrogen infrastructure for agricultural use.
  • Fendt will deliver two prototypes to farms in Lower Saxony for real-world testing.
  • The project aims to establish a hydrogen infrastructure for the Emsland model region.
  • The project has already won the DLG Agrifuture Concept Award 2022.

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Agricultural test farms

CO2 emissions reduction in agriculture.

DLG Agrifuture Concept Award

Emsland model region


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H2Agrar agricultural model project

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