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Oman’s Green Ammonia Project: Japanese Corporation to Explore Role

Here’s an article posted in Zawya.

According to the article,

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  • Japanese corporation to explore role in Oman’s green ammonia project
  • Oman’s green ammonia project aims to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable energy
  • The project is expected to contribute to Oman’s economic growth and diversification
  • The Japanese corporation’s involvement in the project highlights the growing interest in green ammonia as a clean energy source

The Green Ammonia Project, spearheaded by Green Hydrogen and Chemicals Company (GHC), is a significant initiative aimed at producing ammonia using renewable energy sources, primarily in the Sultanate of Oman. Here’s a breakdown of the project with specific data points, informative facts, and proof examples:

  1. Partnership and Participants:
    • The project is a collaboration between Indian green energy developer ACME Group and Norway-based renewable energy solutions provider Scatec ASA through their joint venture GHC.
    • Recently, Japanese heavy engineering manufacturer IHI Corporation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ACME Group, indicating potential participation in the green ammonia project.
  2. Location and Scale:
    • The project is located at the Special Economic Zone in Duqm, Oman.
    • The first phase of the project aims to produce 100,000 metric tonnes per annum of green ammonia, powered by around 500 MW of renewables.
    • In the second phase, the production capacity is expected to increase significantly, reaching around 1.2 million metric tonnes annually, marking a twelve-fold increase.
  3. Renewable Energy Integration:
    • The production process of green ammonia relies on renewable energy sources, ensuring a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to ammonia production.
    • By utilizing renewable energy, the project aims to reduce carbon emissions associated with traditional ammonia production methods, contributing to global efforts to combat climate change.
  4. Technology and Feasibility:
    • IHI Corporation, through the MoU, will study and investigate the feasibility of producing and utilizing green ammonia derived from renewable energy.
    • This highlights the commitment of industry leaders like IHI Corporation to explore and invest in sustainable solutions for ammonia production.
  5. Market Expansion and Utilization:
    • The MoU between IHI Corporation and ACME Group extends the potential cooperation beyond Oman to other regions such as India, the USA, and Egypt for green ammonia production.
    • Additionally, there are plans to explore the use of green ammonia for decarbonized power generation, particularly in Asian islands and other regions, further expanding the market for green ammonia.
  6. Government Support and Collaboration:
    • The project aligns with broader initiatives by the Sultanate of Oman to promote green energy and attract foreign investment in the renewable energy sector.
    • Oman’s Ministry of Energy and Minerals has signed MoUs with Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry to explore cooperation in hydrogen, fuel ammonia, carbon recycling, and other clean energy initiatives, demonstrating government support and collaboration.
  7. Long-term Sustainability:
    • The project represents a significant step towards achieving long-term sustainability in the production and utilization of ammonia, a crucial chemical in various industries including agriculture and energy.
    • By integrating renewable energy into the production process, the project aims to create a sustainable and environmentally responsible supply chain for ammonia, contributing to global sustainability goals.

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