Posco's Green Hydrogen Revolution in Australia
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Plan to mix hydrogen with iron ore to produce low-emission hot briquetted iron (HBI), with intentions to sell hydrogen to back to South Korea

According to the article posted on Energy News

  • Posco, a South Korean steelmaker, plans to invest $40 billion in Australia’s green hydrogen industry.
  • The investment aims to produce low-emission hot briquetted iron (HBI) using green hydrogen and iron ore.
  • Australia’s government has provided over $500 million to support the development of hydrogen hubs in regional areas.

Australia has several key advantages due to which Posco is investing heavily in the region. They are:

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  1. Access to Key Raw Materials:
    • Australia is a significant source of key raw materials such as iron ore, manganese, lithium, and metallurgical coal, which are essential for Posco’s steel production. The company has already invested heavily in these resources, with a total investment of over A$4.7 billion in various projects across the country.
  2. Strategic Location:
    • Australia’s geographical location makes it an ideal base for Posco’s global operations. The country’s proximity to Asia and its extensive ports facilitate the transportation of goods, which is crucial for POSCO’s global business.
  3. Clean Hydrogen and Renewable Energy:
    • Posco is shifting its focus towards clean hydrogen and renewable energy to reduce its carbon footprint. Australia is seen as a strategic location for these investments due to its abundant renewable energy resources and favorable regulatory environment.
  4. Government Support:
    • The Australian government has been actively promoting the development of clean energy projects, which aligns with Posco’s goals. This support, combined with the country’s natural resources and strategic location, makes Australia an attractive destination for Posco’s investments.
  5. Long-term Commitment:
    • Posco has a long history of investing in Australia, dating back to 1981. The company has consistently expanded its presence in the country, and its recent announcements of significant investments in environmental projects and clean hydrogen production demonstrate its commitment to the region.

Overall, POSCO’s focus on Australia is driven by the country’s strategic location, access to key raw materials, favorable regulatory environment, and government support for clean energy projects.

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