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  • Biohydrogen production technologies
  • Biomethane steam reforming
  • Carbon-negative biohydrogen production
  • Circular economy and biohydrogen
  • Decarbonization of hydrogen production
  • European Biogas Association (EBA)
  • Green hydrogen vs biohydrogen
  • Hydrogen strategy and sustainability
  • Renewable Energy Directive (REDIII)
  • Single market for energy and biohydrogen regulation.
  • European Biogas Association plan to promote biohydrogen for use across Europe; potential to be carbon-negative observed

    Here’s an article posted in Canadian Biomass Magazine.

    According to the article,

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    • The European Biogas Association and biogas experts have released a white paper promoting the production and use of biohydrogen in Europe.
    • Biohydrogen, along with biogas and biomethane, is essential for meeting the energy needs of various sectors and supporting Europe’s climate mitigation strategies.
    • Biohydrogen’s unique ability to remove carbon from the atmosphere makes it a valuable tool for sectors with limited decarbonisation options to achieve carbon neutrality.

    So what are the strategies that the EBA plans to follow to bring biohydrogen into use? Here are they:

    1. Local Production and Energy Independence: Biohydrogen can be generated from domestically produced biogases, reducing the need to import gas and improving both Europe’s security of supply and energy independence. This is particularly beneficial for rural areas where hydrogen demand could be met locally.
    2. Carbon Negative Potential: Biohydrogen can be carbon negative if produced from feedstocks like waste and manure. This process also generates co-products like pure biogenic carbon dioxide, digestate, and biochar, which further support decarbonization and the circular economy.
    3. Promoting Biohydrogen in Industrial Applications: Biohydrogen can be used in various industrial sectors, such as iron and steel, chemical production, and energy-intensive manufacturing processes. This can help decarbonize these sectors and support the EU’s decarbonization goals.
    4. Education and Awareness: The EBA aims to raise awareness about the benefits and potential of biohydrogen through educational initiatives and video series, such as “Decarbonising Europe’s hydrogen production with biohydrogen”.

    Biohydrogen production can have several positive impacts on rural areas in Europe:

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    1. Improved Energy Independence and Security of Supply: Biohydrogen can be generated from domestically produced biogases in rural areas, reducing the need to import gas. This directly improves Europe’s energy independence and security of supply, especially in rural regions.
    2. Local Hydrogen Supply: In rural areas where there could be a future need for hydrogen, biohydrogen can be produced from raw biogas or biomethane to provide a local source of green energy. This helps reduce exposure to volatile natural gas prices.
    3. Circular Economy and Carbon Sequestration: Biohydrogen production can generate co-products like pure biogenic carbon dioxide, digestate, and biochar. These can support the circular economy and help permanently store carbon in the soil, contributing to the decarbonization of rural industries.
    4. Cost-Effectiveness: Biohydrogen production costs are lower compared to other forms of green hydrogen, ranging from EUR 1.15 to EUR 9.65 per kilogram of hydrogen. This makes it a more affordable option for rural communities.
    5. Diversification of Biogas Producers’ Output: Biogas producers in rural areas are keen to diversify their outputs and increase the flexibility of their anaerobic digestion plants by producing biohydrogen alongside biogas and biomethane.

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