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World’s Largest Green Ammonia Demonstration Project For Longi Hydrogen 

Here’s an article posted in Hydrogen Central.

According to the article,

  • Longi Hydrogen wins bid for the world’s largest green ammonia demonstration project
  • The project aims to showcase the potential of green hydrogen in reducing carbon emission.
  • Longi Hydrogen is a sub sidiary of LONGi, a leading provider of renewable energy solutions

The “Da’an Wind and Solar Green Hydrogen Synthesis Ammonia Integration Demonstration” project, led by Jilin Electric Power Co., Ltd., in collaboration with State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC), represents a significant milestone in the advancement of the hydrogen economy. Here’s a breakdown of the project:

  1. Project Overview:
    • Located in the clean energy chemical industry park in western Jilin, the “Da’an Project” aims to showcase the viability and scalability of green ammonia production.
    • With a total investment of $0.92 billion, it encompasses various facets of renewable energy production, storage, and hydrogen generation.
    • The project aligns with the concept of a “green hydrogen system,” emphasizing the use of renewable electricity for hydrogen production and subsequent ammonia synthesis.
  2. Key Components:
    • Renewable Energy Infrastructure: The project includes the installation of 800MW of wind and solar energy capacity, backed by a new 220 kV booster station and 40MW/80MWh energy storage. This infrastructure ensures a stable and sustainable source of electricity for the hydrogen production process.
    • Hydrogen Production and Storage: A new 46,000 Nm³/h hybrid hydrogen production plant, equipped with both PEM and alkaline electrolyzers, is being established. Additionally, the project includes 60,000 Nm³ of hydrogen storage capacity.
    • Ammonia Synthesis Plant: With a capacity of 180,000 tons per year, the synthetic ammonia plant will utilize the green hydrogen produced on-site, thereby reducing carbon emissions.
  3. Technological Advancements:
    • The project boasts several technological achievements, including six number-one technologies in China and three cutting-edge technologies globally. These advancements contribute to the efficiency and sustainability of the entire hydrogen value chain.
    • LONGi Hydrogen, the provider of large-scale green hydrogen electrolyzers and solutions, has played a pivotal role in implementing state-of-the-art electrolysis technology. Their success in winning bids and delivering electrolyzer systems underscores their leadership in the sector.
  4. Long-Term Impact:
    • Beyond its immediate objectives, the Da’an project sets a precedent for large-scale green ammonia production, showcasing the feasibility of integrating renewable energy sources with hydrogen and ammonia synthesis.
    • The project’s scale and scope position it as a key contributor to Jilin province’s energy transition efforts and align with national goals of carbon neutrality and sustainable development.
  5. Global Implications:
    • The significance of the Da’an project extends beyond China, as it represents a model for similar initiatives worldwide. By demonstrating the technical and economic feasibility of green ammonia production, it paves the way for broader adoption of hydrogen-based energy systems.
    • LONGi Hydrogen’s commitment to expanding its production capacity further underscores the growing global interest in green hydrogen technologies.

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