MoU for Green Hydrogen Projects in Defense: NTPC & Indian Army
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Joint identification of potential sites for green hydrogen application agreed upon; Indian Army looking to be a model for sustainability

Here’s an article posted in Solar Quarter that talks about the collaboration of NTPC REL and Indian army for Green Hydrogen projects.

According to the article,

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  • NTPC REL signed an MoU with the Indian Army for green hydrogen projects in army establishments.
  • This is part of a trend of collaboration between major Indian power companies and the military for renewable energy development and supply.
  • The details and implications of this MoU are of interest to market researchers and industry stakeholders.
  • The military’s involvement in renewable energy projects reflects a significant shift towards sustainability and energy transition in India.

The Indian Army has also taken further steps in becoming sustainable using hydrogen. It now has plans to develop hydrogen fuel cells for e-mobility, and has received a state-of-the-art green hydrogen fuel cell bus from IndianOil.

The key benefits of these green hydrogen projects for the Indian Army are as follows:

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Deep dive into our work

  1. Reducing dependence on fossil fuels and complex logistics for power generation and heat in off-grid army establishments.
  2. Accelerating decarbonization and lowering the carbon footprint of the Indian Army’s operations.
  3. Exploring innovative technologies that enhance operational capabilities while ensuring environmental sustainability.
  4. Validating the technical feasibility, performance, and economic viability of green hydrogen as a transportation fuel for heavy-duty e-mobility.
  5. Demonstrating the safe operation of hydrogen-powered vehicles and refueling stations in the demanding climatic conditions of the Delhi-NCR region.

By implementing these green hydrogen projects, the Indian Army aims to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, contribute to India’s efforts towards achieving a sustainable energy future, and serve as a model for other organizations to follow in the pursuit of a greener and more sustainable future.

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