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Get to know about Himalayan Rocket Stove , an Indian climate tech startup, from the snapshot at the India Climate Tech 100 startups

Himalayan Rocket Stove


Energy-efficient, affordable and clean heating and cooking system suited to Himalayan conditions.

  • 50% fuel savings through reduced fuelwood usage
  • 90% smoke pollution reduction
  • 50% additional heat in room



  • Uses dual combustion process for additional heat
  • Eco Series Rocket Stoves, EcoMini Rocket Stove

  • Smokeless combustion, Dual combustion
  • Russell Collins, Founder & CEO



    • Smokeless stoves
    • High-altitude heating


    CEO Russell Collins explaining how their efficient Rocket stoves helps the Himalayan region by reducing smoke pollution, deforestation, and cost of heating.

    CEO Russel Collins at TedX

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