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It is an open secret that India is one of the fastest growing market for renewable energy sources. This has become more so after the announcement of the National Solar Mission.

As a result of this growth, a wide number of opportunities are opening up for a number of companies from outside India who would like to tap the Indian market for the products and services. This list could include companies manufacturing solar panels, solar thermal companies, wind turbines, biomass refinery equipment suppliers, consultants, analytics and performance evaluation companies, solar-based end products (solar lanterns, solar water heaters etc) and more.

These companies need a good understanding of the opportunity segments in the Indian renewable energy marketplace, and more importantly, understand the sales channels and the sales strategies needed to successfully capture market share.

The consulting division of Energy Alternative India now offers critical assistance required by these companies by providing tailor-made consulting support for entering and establishing their products/services in the Indian renewable energy market. The team has a specific focus on assisting companies in solar PV and wind industries.

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