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EV Innovation Intelligence series from EVNext

Based on EVNext’s work in the e-mobility consulting sector for the past few years, our team has put together a series of 20+ blog posts.
These are themed around critical questions and aspects that our clients have asked. While there’s a significant diversity of topics among the posts, a common theme for all the posts is innovation.
The following are the posts in this series.
  1. Are EV start-ups different from start-ups in other industries?  –  Link
  2. Are innovations possible in mature products such as electric motors?   –  Link
  3. Will EVs have a different manufacturing paradigm compared to conventional vehicles?  –  Link
  4. Will the adoption path for EV innovations similar to those for innovations in other industries?  –  Link
  5. If batteries are the new oil, what are the old oil companies doing about it?  –  Link
  6. Did COVID-19 change anything fundamentally for the EV sector?  –  Link
  7. Could solar power play a big role in the EVs ecosystem?  –  Link
  8. Will the world face Lithium scarcity in future?  –  Link
  9. Will material sciences have a dominant role to play in the EV industry?  –  Link
  10. What are the viable pathways for the electrification of heavy vehicles?  –  Link
  11. Will ultrafast EV battery charging become commonplace by 2030?  –  Link
  12. Can innovative sales and financing models accelerate EV adoption significantly?  –  Link
  13. Is it possible for small battery start-ups to beat big giants?  –  Link
  14. The Million Mile Battery – is it a big deal?  –  Link
  15. Can entirely new battery chemistries overtake Li-ion chemistry?  –  Link
  16. Why is there a buzz around electric aviation?  –  Link
  17. Is micro-mobility a big deal for EVs?  –  Link
  18. Between battery charging and swapping, which will become dominant by 2030?  –  Link
  19. Will China dominate EVs the way it did many other industries including solar power?  –  Link
  20. Are EVs just conventional cars with batteries in place of IC engines?  –  Link
  21. Why software is more important to e-mobility than to conventional mobility?   –  Link
  22. Will fuel cells overtake batteries to become the dominant form of EV storage?   –  Link
  23. Is there more to electric vehicles than electric cars, scooters, bikes, buses and trucks?   –  Link
  24. How EVs are viewed differently in different countries?   –  Link
  25. Why is Tesla’s valuation so high? And will it last?  –  Link


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About Narasimhan Santhanam (Narsi)

Narsi, a Director at EAI, Co-founded one of India's first climate tech consulting firm in 2008.

Since then, he has assisted over 250 Indian and International firms, across many climate tech domain Solar, Bio-energy, Green hydrogen, E-Mobility, Green Chemicals.

Narsi works closely with senior and top management corporates and helps then devise strategy and go-to-market plans to benefit from the fast growing Indian Climate tech market.


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